Walk With A Finnhorse

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We will take a nature walk, leading the horse through the local countryside. After a couple of miles, we will reach a beautiful spot by a river. Together we will construct a paddock for the horse. Later we will make a fire and enjoy a coffee and a small snack. Experience beautiful arctic nature as it is at that moment in time. Let the presence of the horse calm your mind.

Duration 3 h

Difficulty: easy

Starting point: Tuolpajärventie 10 Vuontisjärvi, which is 15 km East of Hetta.


- group experience with a horse led by a qualified guide

- a small snack and a coffee/tea (please let me know beforehand any special dietary needs).


- appropriate clothing for the weather condition


Adult 90 €

Child 50 €


Tuolpajärventie 10, 99410 Vuontisjärvi

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