Horse Sleigh Ride And Snowshoeing Trip

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We will pick you up by car from your accommodation in Hetta. We will drive from Hetta to a close village Vuontisjärvi. When we arrive, you will see two beautiful finnhorse in their paddock. One of them will take us on a sleigh ride. You can see how I put a traditional working harness on the horse. I will tell you about history of the finnhorse. Sit in the sleigh pulled by a beautiful and strong finnhorse along snowy forest paths. Let the presence of the horse calm your mind. Enjoy the silence, that is broken only by the sound of the sleigh moving through the snow and the bell tinkling on the horse’s harness. After the sleigh ride you can greet and pet the horse if you wish. Later we will set up fire and enjoy a sausage and/or vegetables soup. We will put on snowshoes and take a slowly trip trough the beautiful snowy Lapland nature. Reindeer pasture in this area so if we are lucky we might see reindeer in their natural enviroment. We might see also other animals that lives in the arctic forest such as willow grouse, capercaillie, siberian jay, squirrel, mountain hare or siperian tit. We will enjoy a hot drink with cookies before going back to your accommodation.

Duration of the program 3-4 h

Starting point is Hetta, your accommodation

Difficulty   Easy


  • a transport from Hetta to Vuontisjärvi

  • a short presentation of the finnhorse

  • a short presentation of the traditional working harness

  • sleigh ride pulled by a finnhorse

  • a sausage and/or vegetables soup (please let us know your special diet)

  • hot drink and cookies

  • a transport back to Hetta


  • warm winter clothing and winter shoes


Group size: min 2 person - max 4-6 persons 

close relative adult with a child (12)


Tuolpajärventie, 99410 Vuontisjärvi

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