Hunting The Northern Lights Trough The Arctic Wilderness

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We will pick you up by car from your accommodation in Hetta and drive to a close village Vuontisjärvi. We will take a sleigh ride pulled by a snowmobile for hunting the Northern Lights. After a couple of miles, we will reach a beautiful spot where we turn off the snowmobile and experience the Arctic nature at that moment in time. There is no other people around. We might see the stars and the moon illuminating the arctic nature. Our area is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, which often dancing across the night sky with stunning colors. We will enjoy a hot drink and cookies. You are also able to see the beautiful small village of Vuontisjärvi on the way back. We will take you back to your accommodation.

Duration of the program 2 h

The starting point is Hetta, your  accommodation

Difficulty   Easy


  • a transport from Hetta to Vuontisjärvi

  • sleigh ride pulled by a snowmobile

  • a helmet

  • hot drink and cookies

  • a transport back to Heta


  • warm winter clothing and winter shoes



Group size: min 2 person - max 6-8 persons

close relative adult with a child (12)

The Northern Lights are natural phenomenon, their appearance cannot be guaranteed


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