Aurora And Delicious Local Food

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We take a short sleigh ride pulled by snowmobile for hunting the Northern Lights.  The trip ends to our backyard, in the old meadow, where the Northern Lights often glow in stunning colors.  We might see the stars and the moon illuminating the arctic nature. You are able to see everyday life of our finnhorses in their paddock. Experience the beautiful arctic nature at that moment in time. I will cook for you a dinner by open fire. The dinner contains local ingredients. We will also enjoy coffee/tee with cookies or dessert.

Duration of the program 2-3 h

Difficulty   Easy


  • sleigh ride pulled by a snowmobile

  • a helmet

  • a dinner cooked by open fire, which contains local ingredients, coffee/tee, cookiees/dessert (please let us know your special diet)


  • warm winter clothing and winter shoes

  • close relative adult with a child (12)

The Northern Lights are natural phenomenon, their appearance cannot be guaranteed


Tuolpajärventie, 99410 Vuontisjärvi

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