Horse Sleigh Ride And Traditional Hut Laavu

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A beautiful finnhorse is waiting for you with traditional working harness on. I will tell you about history of the finnhorse. Sit in the sleigh pulled by a beautiful and strong finnhorse along snowy forest paths. Let the presence of the horse calm your mind. Enjoy the silence, that is broken only by the sound of the sleigh moving through the snow and the bell tinkling on the horse’s harness. During the polar winter the sun does not rise, but there is light for a few hours and colors are incredibly beautiful. Towards spring we have opportunity to enjoy the sun sparkling on the snow. Experience the beautiful arctic nature at that moment in time. After the sleigh ride you can greet and pet the horse if you wish. Later we will go in the traditional hut, laavu, and we will enjoy a hot drink and cookies and see some pictures of the old times in the area.

Duration of the program 2 h, (sleigh ride about 1 h)

Difficulty   Easy


  • a short presentation of the finnhorse

  • sleigh ride pulled by a finnhorse

  • hot drink and cookies inside a traditional hut laavu by open fire

  • pictures and stories of the old times


  • warm winter clothing and winter shoes

  • close relative adult with a child (12)


Tuolpajärventie, 99410 Vuontisjärvi

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